These are various synthetic and semi synthetic products used to rejuvenate the face. These can be permanent or semi permanent. There are various products available in the market each with different product specifications for different circumstances.


Botox is a serative of Boutulinum toxin which temporarily paralysess the muscles it is injected into. This is used to treat wrinkles on the face especially crow’s feet around the eyes, Frown lines around the glabella, forehead crese lnes etc. Its effects sure temporary and last for around four to six months

Chemical peels

These are chemical agents that are sued to peel of the superficial layer of the skin. These are used to rejuvenate the face. Many different formulations are available, each having their own indications.

Scar revisions

Scar revisions are procedures that are done to make a scar less prominent.. There is a common myth that plastic surgeons produce no scars . However the fact of the matter is that all incisions heal by scarring. Plastic surgery does leave some scars.

Plastic surgeons are trained to make incisions in strategic locations and to stitch the wounds in such a way to minimize the visibility of scars.

Scars can also be minimized when surgery is done endoscopically.


Dermabrasion is a technique that is used to to smooth out contour deformities like those caused by acne or trauma. This involves removing of the superficial layers of the skin and then letting the skin to heal to leave a smooth surface. The effects of this procedure are permanent.