Reconstructive surgery forms a part of plastic surgery which involves use of surgery to repair, restore or reconstruct different parts of the body that may be damaged due to trauma, cancer, burns or due to birth defects.

Microsurgery is the surgery performed with an operating microscope. The structures operated are as small as a millimeter in size. The surgery can be done on arteries, veins, nerves and lymphatics.

Advances in technology, optics and have enabled microsurgeons to perform more complex reconstructive procedures with high success rates.

Microsurgical reconstruction of the breast , head and neck following cancer has enabled these patients to lead a near normal life.

The common uses of microsurgery are reconstruction following cancer, trauma. It is also used to reimplant cut fingers, hands, legs scalp etc.

Microsurgery is also used in treating peripheral nerve disorders like brachial plexus injuries etc. Microsurgical techniques are indispensible in hand surgery as it can help to deliver better results.