Child birth is the most wonderful event in our lives, but once the child grows, breast feeding is over, it is difficult not to notice certain inevitable, unwanted changes that have occurred due to motherhood and age.

The breasts sag, Stretch marks (Striae) appear on tummy, breasts thighs and arms, Tummy looks bulged ( due to fat or hernia), Waist , hips, thighs, arms look big due to fat accumulation There may be an ugly caesarean scar on the abdomen or an episiotomy scar in the genital area,

The birth canal (vagina) may not feel tight like before to the point sex just isn’t the same anymore

Pigmentary changes ( dark areas) appear on face, arm pits, genital areas.

It is not selfish to look after yourself and wanting to look and feel youthful and self confident. Now with a variety of new surgical technology you have the option of reversing and or improving these changes.

Our ‘MOMMY MAKEOVER’ program customizes to your needs in bringing you the latest surgical and nonsurgical treatment modalities to help you to look and feel ‘like before’.

we can offer a wide variety of procedures like :

  • Breast lifts
  • Breast enhancements
  • Body sculpturing
  • Tummy tuck
  • Lipoinjection
  • Liposculpture

etc to enhance your looks, and Vaginal rejuvenation and cosmetic external genital appearance correction to restore sexual health.

Breast Lift
Following pregnancy and lactation the breasts can enlarge and sag. There are certain simple procedures that can be done to correct this.

Breast enhancement
In certain women whose breasts have lost their fullness following child birth breast enhancement can help to rejuvenate them

Body Sculpting
Following childbirth redistribution of fat can make women to loose their previous shape. A combination of liposuction and lipoinjection can tackle these problems.

Tummy Tuck
In those women whose abdomen has become flabby following child birth a tummy tuck solve the problem of a loose and flabby belly.

Vaginal rejuvenation
For those women for whom repeated pregnancy has enlarged the birth canal rejuvenation of the birth canal is possible.

Treatments can also be personalized to suit individual needs, budget and time. Treatments with advanced techniques help to reduce pain and shorten recovery time.