Burns Treatment

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Reconstructive surgery forms a part of plastic surgery which involves use of surgery to repair, restore or reconstruct different parts of the body that may be damaged due to trauma, cancer, burns or due to birth defects.

Burns is an accident with devastating consequences. Appropriate timely treatment can reduce the effect of these consequences.

Burns can be caused by heat, electricity or chemicals. They are called as thermal burns, electrical burns or chemical burns.

Respiratory failure or sepsis which all can lead to death.

Burns can be of various depths. Depending on the depth the burns can cause damage and scarring during healing. The location and type of scaring will decide the deformity or contractures due to the burns.

While it is not possible to completely remove the burns scarring, it is definitely possible to alleviate the suffering of these patients to a significant extent.

Post burn deformities can be treated by various surgical methods like skin grafts, tissue expanders’ flaps etc. The use of hair transplantation for areas with hair loss due to burns makes a significant difference in the reconstructive process for these patients. The use of pressure garments splints and frequent massages will help these scars.