Dr. Srikanth V

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Dr. Srikanth V
MBBS, MS, FRCS(Edin) FRCS(Glasg) MCh, DNB(Plastic Surgery)
Cosmetic Surgery, Hair Transplant, Reconstructive Microsurgery, Super microsurgery and Hand Surgery

Dr. Srikanth V studied his MBBS at Kasturba Medical College at Mangalore. He then went to Mumbai where he completed his MS in General Surgery at the BYL Nair Charitable Hospital. He also obtained his Fellowships from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Glasgow He then completed his MCh in Plastic Surgery at the Sir JJ group of Hospitals and Grant Medical College. During the same time, he passed his DNB in Plastic Surgery.

He was at St. Johns Medical College and Hospital at Bangalore as an Associate Professor in Plastic Surgery.

Currently he is a Senior Consultant in of Dept. of Plastic Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery at Manipal Hospital Bangalore.

He is a DNB accredited teacher for training Students in Plastic Surgery

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