Thumb Reconstruction

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Thumb plays an important role in hand function. The dexterity of the human hand is superior to that of other animals. The thumb helps in prehensile function the different function are wide group, Narrow grasp, Tripod pinch, Key pinch, Fine pinch. There are many types of options available for reconstruction of the lost thumb.

Second Toe transfer

Here the second Toe is transferred on to the thumb stump with help of microsurgical techniques. This provides a good range of motion and strength for the thumb.


First Toe transfer

Here the great Toe is transferred onto the Thumb stump. The Toe that is transferred is either trimmed or only a part is transferred. This is done in order to match the size of the Thumb.

Metacarpal Distraction.

In some patients the low of the thumb may be at the level of the metacarpal. In these patients the remaining metacarpal can be lengthened with the technique of distraction osteo-generic to give rise to neo-thumb. Here no other body part needs to be transferred onto the hand.

Osteoplastic Reconstruction

Thumb can be reconstructed by bonously skin from the flank / going region along with a bone graft. This will provide a stable post for the thumb. This stable post will help the person to perform activities in a better fashion.


In certain situations, the thumb may be served and the other finger can be re-cited to the region of the Thumb. Here the re-arrangement of finger will make the hand more useful than not having thumb. The index, middle, or ring finger may be used as the situation may be