Ear Lobule repair

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Stretched ear lobules are a common problem. This occurs commonly in persons wearing heavy earrings or those with soft ear lobules. Rarely a forceful tug on the earrings can tear the ear lobule and cause it to be enlarged. Over a period of time these stretched holes enlarge so much that it may be difficult to wear earrings as they keep falling out.

The treatment is simple. A small surgery can reduce the size of the stretched ear lobule. The surgery is done under local anaesthesia. The enlarged opening is closed with fine sutures. The existing hole for the earring can be preserved. This is done normally however if the ear holes are not symmetrical due to the mismatch at the time of piercing, then the entire lobule can be closed and a new hole can be made to match the opposite side.

The results of ear lobule repair are long lasting. It is advisable to wear light earrings if you have undergone a repair for your stretched ear lobule.