Lipo Injection

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Lipo injection or lipofill is a process where in fat is removed from one part of the body and under sterile conditions injected to other parts of the body. This is done to improve the contour of any particular part of the body.

Depending on the part of the body the amount of fat injected can vary from a few milliliters to hundreds of milliliters.

Where can it be used

  • the face for lips cheeks around the eyes etc.
  • the breasts for increase in the size of the breasts
  • the trunk to shape the trunk or hip profile or the waistline etc.
  • scars depressed scars do well with these procedures

Immediately after the procedure there may be some swelling and bruising in the region of liposuction as well as the site of injection. These are temporary and will disappear in a about two weeks. During the course of treatment, you may be asked to use an elastic compression garment to aid the process of healing.

The fat that is injected may get resorbed to some extent. This will lead to some loss of volume of the fat. In certain cases, the procedure may have to be repeated to achieve a satisfactory result.

Brazilian Butt Lift

This is a lipoinjection to enhance the contour of the buttocks. The fat is taken out from the thighs and lower abdomen and injected into the buttocks to enhance the contour and profile


Autologous breast augmentation

Here lipofill is used to augment the breast. This is done to enhance the breast profile with autologous that is your own fat. No implants are used. The fat is harvested from the inner and outer thighs, lower abdomen and used to enhance the breast profile. A mild to moderate enhancement can be expected. The obvious advantages are no foreign bodies are inserted, Fat injections to the breast do not interfere with mammograms and the look and feel is completely natural like a native breast.


Scar revisions

Lipofill can be used for depressed and atrophic scars. This is a procedure is used as an addition to scar revision procedures Lipofill has been seen to improve the quality of the scars to a large extent.

Post Acne scars

Lipofill for post acne scars is gaining popularity along with other procedures like dermabrasion etc to improve the quality of the scars.


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