Corrective surgery

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Hand Deformity
Reconstructive surgery forms a part of plastic surgery which involves use of surgery to repair, restore or reconstruct different parts of the body that may be damaged due to trauma, cancer, burns or due to birth defects.

Birth defects resulting in deformities of the hand are common. Fused fingers(syndactyly), Multiple fingers(polydactyly), Short fingers(brachydactyly), absent fingers (adactyly), are the common defects. There may be a combination of these and will result in more complex deficits.

Some of these children will be benefitted with early surgical treatment.

Deformity of Genitalia

Hypospadias is a common congenital deformity where in males the comes out of an opening from below the penis instead of the tip. There are varying degrees of hypospadias. This needs surgery to correct the deformity.

Other surgically correctable conditions are epispadias micro penis etc.

Some children are born with ambiguous genitalia which may need surgical correction.

Vaginal atresia is another condition which will need reconstruction. This is usually done before marriage.

Arterio venous malformation

Arteio venous malformations are diseases that are caused due to abnormal growth of the artries, veins or capillaries.

Splint skin graft

These are a group of diseases which can present as a swelling, pigmentation or uncontrollable bleeding due to trauma. these do need some form of treatment like embolisation, surgery or lasers etc.Haemangiomas are vascular malformations that appear soon after birth grows for a short period of time and gradually disappear over time. Most of these do not need any surgical intervention. However some of these may need treatment, either medical or surgical.